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Grailum mining pool   ckPool Mining Pool

For those who are new to cryptocurrency, mining pools are groups of miners who pool their resources together in order to generate blocks quicker. Miners then receive more regular rewards than they would mining solo, as rewards are shared among members. How much of the block reward miners receive depends on how much their hashing power has contributed to solving a block.

Run your own Mining Pool

This software is free open-source for all. To start your own mining pool Download the file and install on your server after you finish the installation of the Grailum Core. If you need help follow this simple guide here.

grailum ckpool linuxckPool Mining Pool- 64 bit

(This file is currently not available for download until we have sufficient resources for our own mining available)
Join our Mining Pool

Start mining is very easy to setup but running solo will not earn you many coins. Join our mining pool to get more rewards and faster. To start mining install the mining tool and connect to our server to join the pool.

$ ./minerd -o stratum+tcp:// -a sha256d -u xxxx -p xxxx --coinbase-addr=Gxxxxxx

Our mining pool does not charge you any fee. Rewards are equally shared with all users from the CPU/GPU resource power they provided and paid directly to your private GXM address.