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Grailum future   The Future of GXM

This will all depend on how well the GXM will be received but logic said, soon a Blockchain are born it will never die, unless it was removed from every server/pc worldwide that is!

What we will do

Grailum Lab Limited will keep develop and improve code and we are working on a new layer for a future Lightning Network node to be released end of 2019.This will ensure the growth of Grailum and give it a versatile functions of use to support any given category needed in many different business solutions.

Getting GXM known and spread the word and use to public we put a lot of effort into marketing, creating online services to support the GXM as

  • Coin exchanges GXM to 36 popular coin types (online and running).
  • GXM sale of pre-mined GXM coins and wallet function to send and receive GXM (online and running).
  • Automated Trading platform to earn on your coins (online and running).
  • Wallet storage (online and running).
  • Marketing and advertising financed by coin sale (continually ongoing).

As you might notice we do not sleep but love our engagement creating and coding. Why leave out on all the fun!?

Projects on its way

We have a list of coming projects to fill up all 2019 we find needed and usefull to make this even better. The order of the list is not nesesarry how it come as we are many woring on the parts.

  • Grailum Blockchain info and search page to lookup block details, address and transaction hash.
  • API software to implement in popular scripts ready to use.
  • Lightning Network node to multiply business solutions other that peer-to-peer.
  • Advertising network system run on blockchain node.

We do have much more but those are the planned until now