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Grailum Blockchain   Specification and details

Grailum core is a further development of the current Bitcoin core implemented with our code and vision of a stable and fast blockchain with solid and well-functioning future.Grailum core will lay the foundation to our direction to next generation blockchain.

All source code is available on Github and we hope many developers will join up to support the developement.

  • Open sources
    All codes are public and published on Github
  • Mining Block Rewards 100 GXM
  • Total Supply 84 Million
  • Reward Halving Every 4 year
  • Mining Algorithm SHA 256
  • Block time 0.5 minutes
  • Lightning Network Alpha
  • Atomic Cross Chain Platform
    In development
  • Pre-mined 5 Million Tokens
  • Grailum Lab for new cross chain platforms
    • Voting System for Ecosystem
    • Budget Funding
    • Proposal System
  • Transparent Transactions on DLT
  • Initial Coin Offering Public and Private Sale
  • Secured Nodes
  • Node Rewards
  • Decentralized Core Development Team
    • John Morrell John Morrell
    • Chris DavisChris Davis
    • Matt SamsonMatt Samson